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  • May 12, 2016

In Tajikistan, the snow-capped peaks of the Fann range stretch over 180 miles across the Pamir-Alay mountain system from the Fan Darya River on the east to the Archimaydan River on the west.  Although the range is home to thirty deep lakes with colors ranging from turquoise to teal, the most visited lakes are Iskanderkul and Alauddin.


A local guesthouse and tour operator well-known for their hospitality began because the founders wanted to promote environmental tourism.  That was twenty-two years ago.  The family business includes Nematov who currently conducts cultural sightseeing tours in Panjakent the regional capital of the ancient Sogdia civilization.  Joining him are his wife, Shoista and daughter Bibijon who introduce tourists to the customs and traditions of the Tajik people.  This includes cooking traditional Tajik dishes including plov which consists of rice with fried vegetables and meat; manti, a steamed dumpling stuffed with meat and a hardy stew called shurpa.

Nowadays, Nematov employs younger guides to lead the mountain treks which last from three to ten days.  Most of the approximately 100 tourists arriving in the summer are from Europe and Nematov tailors the tour to the age and abilities of the members.


Despite the young age of Tajikistan’s tourist industry, Nematov is optimistic about its future.  For him, it’s not about making big profits rather he prefers to grow his business for the future and help expand Tajik tourism.


With the collapse of the rouble, remittances from Tajiks working in Russia are dropping.  Returning migrants and lower prices for major export commodities are putting the country at financial risk.  Tajikistan’s hospitality and tourism industry will provide jobs to counteract this.


Please contact us to learn about our efforts to promote hospitality and tourism in Tajikistan.

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