How Vocational Training Builds Stong Family and Economic Foundations - Omega International

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  • April 21, 2016

Vocational training provides skills that open doors for individuals seeking a means to support themselves and their families. Far beyond that, it provides the opportunity for those individuals to pass on those skills and knowledge to future generations. This means not only immediate, but also and long-term benefits for families as well as communities and their economies.


Learning valuable, workable skills is empowering for people with little opportunity. It allows the individuals to stand with dignity, provide support, and contribute to the health and wealth of their community. In order to function and thrive, communities need people who can actively participate in building, nurturing, and growing the economy using a variety of vocations. Not only does vocational training provide hope, it is a tool that can be put to immediate use in the fight against war, drugs, poverty, and lack of education.


Teaching beneficial vocational skills to a set of individuals sets down a foundation that can be built upon for generations to come. Learning those skills is not just immediately empowering. Individuals educated in necessary and valuable skills can proudly pass on their vocations well into the future. By sharing their own education with younger generations, creating long-standing family businesses, and handing down the appreciation for education, the growth potential is off the charts. This includes growth for both families and the economy.

In areas of the world where war, drugs trafficking, and poverty are standard, change is imperative. With vocational training, individuals, families, and communities are becoming stronger and healthier. If you would like to learn more about this movement, or if you would like to contribute to it, please contact us.


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