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  • March 17, 2016

Too often we may not have a working grasp of just how important economic development is across the globe, or simply don’t lend much thought to it with the hustle and bustle of daily life. Unfortunately, there are a vast number of countries and to break it down even smaller -individuals, that do not have those luxuries. For instance, Central Asia Economic Development is cited to be either stalling completely, or showing little to no growth at all as of last year, which is why it is so important to understand exactly what that means. To give a more in-depth look at this, an excerpt from The World Bank states the following regarding in large part, Central Asia:  

“These low growth prospects are driven in large part by those countries in the eastern part of the region that are highly dependent on oil exports, or on trade and remittances from oil exporting countries, which are experiencing a slowdown. This is compounded by ongoing geopolitical tensions due to the conflict in Ukraine. Poor households are hit either directly because they receive fewer remittances, or indirectly because of the macroeconomic consequences, including higher import prices, the disappearance of jobs in construction and other non-tradable sectors, and potentially lower government transfers because of induced fiscal pressures. As a result, poverty rates are expected to rise.”

Perhaps you’re wondering how you can help, or why you should. The first question is both difficult and easy to answer, and the latter is based solely upon your moral compass.  To help you may donate to the cause and help individuals gain education and vocational skill training which can help to increase income and lessen poverty, thereby stimulating growth in the bigger picture. It also gives these countries hope for their future. If you feel as if donating money isn’t enough and you want to do more, you can create your own fundraising campaign on this site via crowdfunding to give those donations to the cause and helping even more people gain the skill sets to improve their lives, thereby causing a positive trickle down effect. What are you waiting for? You can make a difference by clicking Here.  Why should you? Because we are all human beings that deserve a fair chance at living and not merely existing in inhumane circumstances, and sometimes people just need a helping hand in this journey called life. If you can create a positive impact, then why not? 

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