Our international staff receives funding from seperate sources – meaning that rather than paying high salaries for Western workers, your donations go directly to on-the-ground projects in Central Asia! If you would like to direct your donation to a specific Omega International project, please name the desired project in the “comment” field below.

We need your help! – Join Ten4TheLaunch
For only 33¢ a day you can change the world!  $10.00 per month provides struggling youth with hope for a better future. Please join with us in Ten4TheLaunch to change lives.
Omega International is dedicated to a creating a sustainable presence in Central Asia starting with The Launch training center in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.  The Launch will offer skills training in English and other languages, Tourism and Hospitality, Soccer Coaching and Business Entrepreneurship.
As we strengthen infrastructure of Central Asia radicalization and insurgency are weakened.Your tax deductible donation will help provide hope to those who have little.

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Ok, you don’t have a money tree growing in your backyard. So how can you take part? CROWDFUND IT! Crowdfunding is a great new phenomenon where a person can run an online fundraising campaign and get their friends, co-workers, schools, churches and more to take part. Your five bucks may not seem like a lot, but take that five dollars and multiply it by 200 people in your social circle and now we’re talking! Plus, in addition to raising money for a great cause, now 201 people in your community are thinking and talking about what we can do to help people like the Afghans achieve lasting peace.

You, my friend, have started a revolution.


Start a fundraiser. VIVA!


Fundraising Ideas

Kickball tournament: Entry fees are donations.
Karaoke Night: Your friends pay each other to sing. SWEET CAROLINE!
Grow a beard: Raise money for every inch gained.
Car wash or smoothie stand: Or both!
Birthday/Christmas Ask friends and family to give your gift to education.
Cat fashion show! Hmmm… this one might not work.
But seriously – get creative and have fun!

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